Apache County Drug-Free Alliance

Our Mission Statement:

Apache County Drug-Free Alliance will act as a unified voice and instrument of the community to aid local children and citizens in making lifelong decisions to not use alcohol and other drugs.


Apache County Drug Free Alliance (ACDFA) was established in 2004 as a subcommittee of Apache County Youth Council to address a monumental Methamphetamine epidemic that existed in our communities. Local organizations, agencies, businesses, and individuals mobilized to form the coalition and transformed it into a grass roots movement to save our children and citizens from the devastating effects of substance abuse.

ACDFA was successful at helping to reduce methamphetamine use in Apache County by advocating for policy and environmental change. After enjoying the small victory, the coalition then focused its efforts on reducing alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

ACDFA continues to focus on advocating for policy and environmental change but has also evolved into a beacon for prevention through community activities, school programs, youth clubs, and information dissemination.


The Coalition consists of the Apache County Youth Council Board of Directors, local schools, law enforcement, healthcare organizations, behavioral health providers, advocacy groups, local churches, government agencies, businesses, and volunteers who work to accomplish the mission and goals of ACDFA.

Board of Directors

  • Dan Brown, President
    • Chief of Police, St. Johns
    • dbrownstjohnsaz.gov
  • Sandy Liston, Vice-President
    • North Country Healthcare
    • sliston@northcountryhealthcare.net
  • Scott Poche, Secretary
    • Little Colorado Behavioral Health
    • spoche2@lcbhc.org
  • Julie Nicholsomn, Treasurer
    • Apache County Probation
    • jnichols@courts.az.gov
  • Michael whiting
    • Apache County Attorney
    • whiting@frontiernet.net
  • Debbie Padilla
    • Apache County Health Department
    • dpadilla@co.apache.az.us
  • Christie Orona
    • Department of Child Safety
    • corona@azedes.gov
  • Paul Hancock
    • Apache County Probation
    • phancock@courts.az.gov


Becky Stinson

Executive Director
becky.stinson@wmrmc.com (928) 551-3416

Donna Hauser

Program Coordinator
donnykhauser@gmail.com (928) 245-6761

Shannon Latham

Community Outreach Coordinator
sl8429@yahoo.com (480) 285-8414

tobie Overson

Youth Participant coordinator
tobieoverson@icloud.com (928) 245-7427

Member Organizations: