Prescription Drug Abuse


Prescription Pain Killers result in more accidental drug overdoses than cocaine and heroine combined. Prescription drug pain-killers are responsible for 2 times more drug deaths than cocaine and 6 times more drug deaths than heroine, according to the Center for Disease Control. Drug-related deaths are now the second leading cause of accidental death in the US.

Prescription Drugs

Where are kids getting Rx drugs?

  • Parent’s medicine cabinets
  • Grandparent’s medicine cabinets
  • Stealing them from friends parents and grandparents
  • They are buying them on the streets

Countless Losses


  • Prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions, according to the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy

What can you do?

  • Hide your Rx drugs
    • Take an inventory of the prescriptions and number of pills in your home
    • Keep track of refills
    • Don't leave prescription drugs out in the open
    • Treat Rx medications just like you treated the cabinet under your sink when you had toddlers - lock them in a secure place
  • Keep doors locked when not home
  • Safely dispose of unused Rx drugs
    • Drop off your unused or expired medications at a prescription drug drop box
    • Mix your medications with coffee grounds or kitty litter and put them into an empty can or bag and.
    • Don't flush down the toilet unless the packaging says otherwires
  • Raise awareness abou the Rx drug problem in Apache County
    • Tell your friends and family
    • Talk to kids and grandkids about dangers of abusing Rx drugs